Winter in Bend is a special time!  Even though it is cold compared to some of the southern states Bend gets lot of sun shine.  It has been claimed that we get 300 days of sunshine.  As we locals know that is not true.  Maybe that myth came from the similar statement that the sun can be seen, even if just briefly, 300 days or more a year.  There are many days in our neighborhood where the sun can be seen briefly in he morning and the rest of the day will be cloudy.

One of our major attractions in the winter is Mt. Bachelor.  Mt. Bachelor is located within the Deschutes National Forest.  in the Cascade Mountains of Central Oregon.  Only 22 miles outside of Bend along Century Dr.  Skiing and snowboarding are very popular on Bachelor which is know for it powder.  Better known by some of the more hip boarders as Pow.

We also have lots of good hiking in the lower elevations.  Smith Rock in Terrebonne is very popular this time of year as is rock  climbing.  Downtown Bend is very popular for its shopping and restaurants as is the old Mill District.

Of course our home with a mountain view are spectacular this time of year in the early morning with fresh snow and the pink color of the sunrise reflecting on the mountains.  Come to Bend and enjoy the winter.  Mountain view homes in Bend.