Should We Fix Mirror Pond

Mirror pond in downtown Bend Oregon continues to slowly fill with silt.  If this continues to happen without some of the silt being removed we will soon have mud flats which would eventually turn into wildlife habitat.  I'm not sure this is such a bad thing but there are plenty of people who would disagree.

There are other solutions that might be more cost effective than just dredging the whole thing every 20 years or so and spending millions of dollars that we don't have in these tough times.  One answer that sounds good to me is to remove some of the silt in strategic places and putting it where some of the "mud flats" are forming.  Thus helping the wildlife habit develop faster.

If some of the places in the river had more current the silt would not build up in there.  None the less nothing happens fast when the government is involved and the local news paper reported it could be up to two years before a possible plan is in place.  In the mean time Mirror Pond and Drake Park are as attractive as ever.  Bend Oregon is a great place to live.

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