Time to Buy in Bend

It's time to start thinking about buying real estate in Bend Oregon.  It looks like congress is going to pass the stimulus package with a $15,000 credit to anyone that buys a home. There are over 100 Bank Foreclosures for sale in Bend plus many owners who are willing to price their property at bargain basement prices to sell them.  Icing on the cake is that interest rates are around 5.5%

Prices will go up!  Most financial experts agree that this huge stimulus package will  cause inflation down the road.  Some of the spending won't hit the economy until we are already out of this recession only adding to inflation.  That will push prices of real estate up.  So why should you buy a home in Bend Oregon right now?  1.  Prices are great  2.  Interest rates are low.  3.  They'll give you $15,000 to buy a house.*  4.  Prices are guaranteed to go up (inflation) in the long term (2-5) years. 

It's a no brainer!  In a few years there will be those that bought a home in Bend this year and those that didn't.  10 years from now those that bought a house will look back and smile!  Then there are always those that say "we should have bought a house in Bend in 2009."  I hear it all the time.  "Back in 19xx we could have bought a house in Bend for $75,000."  In the early 80s you could buy lots on Awbrey Butte for $24,000!  It's time to buy right now!  Bend is a great place to live, raise kids and retire.

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*Write offers subject to receiving a $15,000 tax credit.