Bend Oregon MLS

The Bend Oregon MLS is a state of the art Multiple Listing Service.   When sellers have their properties listed with a member of the MLS their property can be listed with full detail, up to 10 pictures plus virtual tours.

Documents such as plat maps, seller's disclosures and any other pertinent documents can be attached to the listing for the benefit of other Realtors viewing the listing.

When a seller allows a lock box to be used on their home the listing Realtor can track the showings electronically.  The person using the lock box, the time and date will show up on the listing brokers computer the next day if the broker knows how to use the system.

Listing brokers can also track the number on buyer hits and agents hits that occur through the MLS web site.

Buyers can search all listings in the MLS which covers most of Central Oregon.  You can put in such criteria as price range, bedrooms, baths, square footage and city.  Then you have access to all of pertinent information concerning each listing.  Pictures and virtual tours are available if the broker has prepared a virtual tour. 

The MLS is a powerful tool for Realtors, buyers and sellers.

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