Bend Chamber

The Bend Chamber was founded in 1926. The mission statement of the Chamber is “To Enhance the Economic Vitality of Bend.”   With over 1,550 members, the Bend Chamber is the largest Chamber of Commerce in Oregon and one of the largest in the Northwest.

The Chamber’s roots go deep into Bend’s history. Although there had been business alliances in Bend as early as 1907, the Chamber’s profile began to rise in the 1920s and 1930s as tourists – then as now – began discovering Bend’s ample and unique recreational opportunities. Over the years, the number of Chamber members has grown along with the number of Bend residents.  

Some of the Chamber’s earliest members include Miller Lumber Co., Bend Garage, (now Bob Thomas Chevrolet), and the law firm now known as Bryant, Lovlien & Jarvis. All of those businesses still are thriving in Bend. 

The Bend Chamber always has been progressive: its first woman president served in the 1960s. She was Irene Bostleman, who ran Carlson Sign Co. after her husband Ted Carlson died. Their son, Peter Carlson, now is president of Carlson Sign Co. and was the Chairman of the Board of the Chamber in 2005. 

The Bend Chamber of Commerce supports many businesses including those involved in selling Bend Oregon real estate.  You can check out the Chamber's web site at:

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