Buyer's Market in Bend Oregon

Buyer's still rule the Bend Oregon real estate market.  Property values are down substantially from a couple of years ago and there are a great number of good properties to choose from.  There are short sales, bank foreclosures and hugely discounted prices from sellers who must sell their properties now.

Bend is a great place to live and there are still many out of town buyer's taking advantage of this down market.  It's a good time to buy!  Gas prices are down, interest rates are low, the stock market is not a good place to put your money and prices may be as low as they are going to be in our lifetime. 

Even if prices go down a little more from here the property you buy today will be worth substantially more in a couple of years.  Don't wait for the bottom.  No one knows when we hit bottom until it's already past.  Now is the time to buy.

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