Homes are Selling in Bend

Bend Oregon homes are selling if they are priced right!  I just closed another escrow on the sale of a home in SE Bend.  It was on the market for less than 60 days and the owners had their cash in 71 days.

It was a good older home that needed a little work but it was priced right.  The seller utilized our "Step To The Market" approach to marketing their home and it's sold

I closed a home last month on the golf course at River's Edge for $629,000.  The buyers are from California and feel they got a great buy.  I also closed another home last month that sold to different California buyer.  They bought a beautiful home in SW Bend that's close to the Deschutes River.

The Bend Oregon real estate market is slow.  There are not many serious buyers.  But homes that are priced right are attracting buyers and sellers are selling their homes if they are priced right.

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