Real Estate Prices Level Off

The Bend Bulletin's article in the business section of the news paper on Sunday had a head line "Home Sales Up As Prices Level Out."  It does look like we are seeing the bottom of the market.  They also reported that record foreclosures and unemployment could keep pressure on the market.

As a veteran of the Bend Oregon real estate market it looks like we are seeing the bottom of the market.  Even though it's impossible to predict a bottom.  I think we will see the market bust open next spring.  Not that prices are going to jump substantially but I predict we will see more and more buyers coming into the market.  That means more multiple offers on well priced properties.

There will still be plenty Bank Foreclosures available but there will be more competition for well priced properties.  Interest rates are also a factor.  I predict rates will start going up next spring.  Every indicator I look at says between now and next spring is the time to buy Bend Oregon Real Estate.

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