Good News

There are more and more signs of a potential bottom to the Bend Oregon real estate market.  Even though mortgage interest rates rose for 3 consecutive weeks they fell again last week.  Rates are great right now and still below 5.5%.

Leading indicators which signal things to come in the U.S. economy were up 1.2% in May.  They were up for two consecutive months now.  Median prices of homes sold in Bend for the month of May were up 11% and inventory of homes under $300,000 has decreased over the last three months.

Notices of default are down for the last two months.  A notice of default is a legal filing by a lender of it's intention to foreclose on a home.  Notices of default hit a record high in April but have fallen for the last two months.

Another indicator I use to judge the Bend Oregon real estate market is the number of daily visits I have to my web site.  In February I was averaging 31 visits a day.  Today I'm averaging 46.6 visits a day.  75.7% of those visits are first time visitors.  This shows me that there is an enormous amount of interest in Bend real estate.

Now is the time to buy.  Mortgage interest rates are near all time lows.  Prices of homes are very affordable.  There are numerous signs that this is the bottom of the Bend Oregon real estate market.

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