Deschutes River Hatch

The Deschutes River salmon fly hatch in on!  This time of year (early June) is usually when the salmon flies start hatching on the lower Deschutes.  One of the most popular stretches to drift is from Warm Springs to Trout Creek.

It's an easy one day trip and the fishing can be hot and heavy if you hit the hatch at the right time.  Big red sides start looking to the surface for the big flies and they are usually close to shore so you don't have to be a master fly caster to catch plenty of fish.

The first time I ever fly fished the salmon fly hatch we were late.  The fish were gorged and the hatch was pretty much over.  I was walking along the bank and saw a good hole right next to shore.  All I had out was leader so I just plopped my Sofa Pillow down in the center of the hole and boom!

A 20 inch red side exploded on the fly and took off down stream.  Long story short ten minutes later I released a beautiful 20 plus inch red side.  The guy I was fishing with was around the other side of an island and didn't see the fish.  He never did believe I caught one.  These big dry flies are really fun to fish!

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