There is one main road that is used by residents of Deschutes River Woods in Bend for evacuation in case of fire and that is Baker Rd.  Deschutes county engineer Chris Doty approved the installation of stop signs at the intersection of Brookswood and Baker Rd. against state regulations.  

The stop signs would be a major cause of congestion if there was a wildfire in the area.  Lives could be lost because Deschutes River Woods is a heavily treed subdivision and susceptible to fire.  One home burned to the ground there in the Awbrey Hall Fire.

These illegal signs were brought to the attention of the county commissioners but they have done nothing about removing them.  If lives are lost due to these stop signs Deschutes County could be liable for millions of dollars because of their actions.

This area only has several hundred residents so does not get the attention of our elected officials.  If this were to happen on Bend's NW side where our more influential residents live there would be swift action to remove said signs. Let's hope our officials give the poorer residents of our community some of their attention and remove the signs and restore the convenience and safety to residents of Deschutes River Woods.