Northwest Crossing Homes

It's a been a buyer's market for the past several years in Bend Oregon.  It looks like that may be changing in the near future at Northwest Crossing.  Prices are up 5% in Northwest Crossing for the last 12 months.  The big decision now is to buy or sell.

As far buying goes I sincerely believe now is the time to buy.  It looks like Northwest Crossing has good up side potential for the future.  It seems that buyers in all walks of life are buying homes here.  I recently sold a smaller single level home to a retired doctor from Phoenix as their summer home.  There are many professional people as well as families buying homes here. 

This neighborhood is so popular prices will continue to climb.  So now is the time to buy a home in Northwest Crossing.

If you are selling your home you are a smart home owner.  Now is a good time to sell your home in Northwest Crossing.  Since prices are up and buyer activity is strong, it is a great time to sell.  Even though values in the area are down from a few years ago, so are prices where a seller would be buying in another area.  

Sellers can take advantage of the up tick in prices and the strong buyer activity.  Our aggressive internet marketing assures our clients of top dollar when they sell their Northwest Crossing home.  Contact us today for a free market analysis and marketing program presentation.  Northwest Crossing Homes.