The price of Bend homes is back to where it was before the great recession and there are fewer homes on the market. The median priced home in Bend is now $379,900 and rising.  However prices are not rising at the unsustainable rate of the pre recession prices. 

Even though prices are rising and inventory is a little short now is a good time to buy a home in Central Oregon.  There' a high demand for homes in Bend as it is one of the nicest places to live in the United States.  It sits at the foot of the Cascades mountains to the west and the high desert to the east.  Residents can be in the mountains in 30 minutes or in the high desert in 30 minutes.

Bend's population would be much higher if there were more jobs.  Affordable housing is one problem that's occurring. However, the state finally improved an expansion of our urban growth boundary allowing for more apartments and less expensive homes to be built.   

Downtown Bend and the Old Mill District are some of the main attractions to newcomers.