The Bend Oregon real estate market keeps chugging along.  According to a report put out by Mike Caba the median price of homes sold in Bend in June was up slightly over May sales.  The median sales price per square foot was also up.

Statistics can be misleading.  I don't want to bore you with numbers.  I will tell you that the number of sales this June was down substantially from June 2007.  A closer look at what sold shows that there were 22 homes that sold in June 2008 that were over $500,000.


One sale was a home in Pronghorn that sold for $3,000,000.  That sale alone substantially raised the median price and the median price per square foot sold.  The Pronghorn home was on the market for 331 days.  One of the homes that sold over $500,000 was on the market for over 2 years.

The bottom line is that prices are still falling on our Bend Oregon real estate.  It looks like it may continue well into next year.  We will see.  One thing this data shows us is that the upper end homes are starting to move.

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