Real Estate Agents in Bend

There are not as many real estate agents in Bend Oregon this year as there were a couple of years ago.  The Central Oregon Multiple Listing Service had approximately 2,100 real estate agents at the peak of the market a couple of year ago.  That number is now around 1,750 and falling monthly.

It seems that everyone you knew had a license to sell real estate or they had a close friend or family member with a license.  Now the story is changing.  We're in a buyer's market and the feeding frenzy is over.  Buyers are few and far between and they now want an experienced broker to represent them in finding their home.

I look for the Bend market to keep dropping until possibly next spring.  The number of licensed agents will also keep dropping which in not necessarily a bad thing.

Jim Johnson has been selling quality homes in Bend Oregon since 1981. Call 541-389-4511 or see his web site .  To see more information on Bend Oregon click on the link below.  


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