Lease to Own a Home

Now is not a good time to move into a lease option or a "lease to own" home.  Prices are falling and any "additional" equity payments you make will be reduced by the value of the property falling.  The only time a lease option is a good idea is in a rising market. 

About 18 months ago we "sold" a home on a lease purchase.  The agreed upon sales price was $269,900.  It's time to consummate the sale and the appraisal just came in at $240,000.  Almost $30,000 below the agreed price.  The buyer can't get a loan because the bank will not loan the required amount.  The buyer has put $10,000 of improvements into the property.  He most likely will loose that $10,000.

Either the seller will have to come down in price or the buyer will have to come up with thousands of dollars more down payment to get a loan.  The seller can't come down because he owes more than $240,000.  A buyer is better off renting in this market.  Or there are still some zero down loans available if you have income and good credit.

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