Beaver Coach RV Service

I would not recommend the service department at Beaver Coach in Bend Oregon.  I bought a used 2002 Beaver Coach 3 years ago.  I asked around and 2 of the 3 people I asked would not use the Beaver Service department because they were "too expensive."  I should have listened!

They have a new "Advisor" at their front desk who acts more like a used car salesman.  He tries selling Extended Warranties more than anything.  He also does not know one end of a Beaver Coach from the other.  The first time I took my coach to him I had a fluid leak next to the generator. (Located in the front of the coach, diesel engine in back).  A couple of hours later I received a call from him. He had told the mechanic the leak was "at engine."  They couldn't find the leak!!  He didn't know where the generator was!!  I paid for the labor.

I will never go back to the Beaver Service Department again based on my last experience.  Long story short they charged me $425 for a lube, oil and filter.  Coach Masters of Bend charges $296 for essentially the same service.  Beaver checked the air pressure in my tires which were all low but did not put air in them!!  When I went to pay I was asked if I had an extended warranty.  "No?  Too bad!"

Again, I would not recommend Beaver Coaches Service Department in Bend.  I have never tried their other service centers.  Beaver charges $109 an hour.  Their competition charges $98 an hour.  I will go anywhere but not to Beaver Coach to service my RV!  Good luck with your RVing!

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