As of the date of this post there are only 20 bank foreclosures listed for sale in the Bend Oregon Multiple Listing Service.  There are 47 pending sales on bank owned homes.  There were 105 bank homes for sale in February 2010.  So the number of bank owned homes available for purchase is down about 80%.

Even though there are fewer bank homes available there are also many good buys on the market.  Traditional sellers are realizing they have to price their homes competitively in order to sell them.  We currently have two of our listings in escrow that sold the first week.  They both had multiple offers and sold for more than full price.

There are also many homes on the market that are over priced and will not sell.  Most homes have been selling for approximately 95% of the list price.  This is if they are priced right.  Over priced homes don't sell period!

Here are a couple of links regarding Bend Oregon Bank foreclosures.   Blogger.

Short sales are also becoming more prevalent.  It wasn't too many years ago that we would not show or list a short sale.  They could take months and months to eventually not close.  Now the story is different.  Buyers can now get a good buy using our Short sale secrets.  If you are interested in buying a bank foreclosure or a short sale contact us today.

You can view all Bend Oregon Bank foreclosures currently for sale here. LINK This link is updated daily.