Bend Oregon Schools

Bend has some of the best schools in Oregon. We are lucky our children and grandchildren have the opportunity to attend such great public schools. Here are the contact numbers for our schools.

Elementary Schools

Amity Creek Magnet School at Thompson Phone: 541-383-6195 Fax: 541-383-6199 
Bear Creek Elementary School Phone: 541-355-1400 Fax: 541-355-1410 
Buckingham Elementary School Phone: 541-383-6135 Fax: 541-383-6454 
Elk Meadow Elementary School Phone: 541-355-1500 Fax:541-355-1510 
Ensworth Elementary School Phone: 541-693-2200 Fax: 541-693-2210 
High Lakes Elementary School Phone: 541-322-5200 Fax: 541-322-5450 
Highland Magnet School at Kenwood Phone: 541-383-6220 Fax: 541-383-6229 
Juniper Elementary School Phone:541-355-1800 Fax: 541-355-1810 
La Pine Elementary School Phone: 541-355-8000 Fax: 541-355-8010 
Lava Ridge Elementary School Phone: 541-355-2400 Fax: 541-355-2410 
Pine Ridge Elementary School Phone: 541-388-5900 Fax: 541-388-5910 
Ponderosa Elementary School Phone: 541-355-4300 Fax: 541-355-4310 
R.E. Jewell Elementary School Phone: 541-383-6150 Fax:541-383-6163 
Three Rivers K-8 School Phone: 541-593-3555 Fax: 541-593-1945 
Westside Village Magnet School at Kingston Phone: 541-355-2000 Fax: 541-355-2010 
William E. Miller Elementary School Phone: 541-355-2500 Fax: 541-355-2510 

Middle Schools

Cascade Middle School Phone: 541-383-6230 Fax: 541-383-6255 
High Desert Middle School Phone: 541-355-7200 Fax: 541-355-7210 
La Pine Middle School Phone: 541-355-8200 Fax: 541-355-8210 
Pilot Butte Middle School Phone: 541-383-6260 Fax:541-383-6286 
REALMS Phone: 541-322-5323 Fax:541-322-5473 
(Rimrock Expeditionary Learning Middle School) 
Sky View Middle School Phone: 541-383-6479 Fax:541-322-5217 

High Schools 

Bend High School Phone: 541-383-6290 Fax:541-383-6465 
La Pine High School Phone: 541-355-8400 Fax: 541-355-8410 
Marshall High School Phone: 541-383-6580 Fax: 541-383-6584 
Mountain View High School Phone: 541-383-6360 Fax: 541-383-6469 
Summit High School Phone:541-322-3300 Fax:541-322-3310 
Virtual Instruction Program (VIP) Phone: 541-322-5395